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Your Story...Our Mission

Three women met and discovered their passions intertwined. Each woman has a story to tell, wisdom to share, and passions to pursue. Together they see the world's truths and possibilities. Together they created an idea to tell stories, share experiences, and understand others. 

Midwest Social Justice Symposium has been intentionally designed to allow space for people to share their lived experiences and social justice stories through art and storytelling.  Since there are very few safe places for this type of conversation, we believed it was imperative to create a real outlet for real discussions.  The annual conference and our podcast are produced as a two-pronged approach toward vocalizing social justice equity in a society that often thrives on our silence.  Each month, MSJS will publish a podcast submitted from people representing many walks of life. In spring, MSJS hosts an annual, day-long conference where presenters are able to tell their story, showcase artwork, or share their experience with social justice through any method of sharing that speaks to them. We believe that owning our stories through these avenues make us stronger and more effective at impacting change.  We are excited for you to join us on this journey and encourage you to consider submitting a podcast, presenting at the conference, or just attending to share in others' experiences.